About us


This Prime FM 1045MHz has been established under Eye Community Communication Center with the objective to assure the fundamental rights to be noticed as well as to enlarge the information and communication among the citizen of the peripheral area of Kavre district.

Target: To support for the formation of Sovereign, Prosperous and Eligible society. 

Objective: To assure the feeling of peace, justice, democracy, long-term development, human rights and equality in local people,  to   support to institutionalize the rule of law, to develop the social system permanently since Information and Communication are such effective medium that can touch the basic level of     society, to formulate the new civilization by providing the truth   and factual news, awareness and entertaining program as   well  as the real information of developmental activities to the         public.

Slogan: 'A place of your feelings'

Policy :

  1. All people will be encouraged to be aware, civilized, well-cultured and prosperous citizens by the medium of Information and Communication.
  2. Awareness of human rights, rule of law and sovereignty will be implemented.
  3. Rural and Urban autonomy and fundamental assumption of development will be promoted.
  4. Right to speech will be advocated.
  5. Economic, social, cultural, education, health, environment and the development of marginalized citizen will be supported.


Work policy:

  1. To bring awareness through Information and   Communication.
  2. To entertain the mass through song, music,  literature,   art etc.
  3. To promote developmental activities for the fulfillment of human needs and desires,
  4. To broadcast awareness program for the economic  prosperity.


  1. Information and News: To broadcast original current events, ideas and investigative news    hourly. As well as to enlarge the consciousness in  education, health, employment, economic and  social subject matter which are  directly linked          with mass.
  2. Program related to developmental activities: To  provide information about the concept,  management   and further program of different   developmental program taken place in local, national and international level. 
  3. Entertainment: To broadcast various entertaining program related with art, culture, music, literature.


Institutional Assumption:

  1. Formation of conscious citizen through Information and  Communication.
  2. Formation of Public opinion of stakeholder in the benefit of common and all citizens.
  3. To enlarge transparency, accountability and  inclusiveness
  4. Commitment towards the norms and values of     democracy.
  5. Advocacy of truth, justice and equality.
  6. Advocacy for the prosperity of marginalized citizen.

Broadcast Area: 

This Prime FM 104.5 can be listened in Kavre, Sindhupalchock, Dhading, Rasuwa, Nuwakot, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Dolkha, Sindhuli, Ramechap, Solukhumbu, Okhaldhunga, Udayapur, Dhanusa, Sarlahi, Mahotari, Rautahat, Bara, Parsa, Makawanpur, and Khasa of Tibet, the autonomous land of china. More than that it can be listened all over the world through www.primefm.com.np as the first online service from Kavre district.